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What have you heard about Virtual Assitants? We call them VAs but for some others, they call them their ‘life savers.’ Virtual assistants are no different from a real soldier. They both embody certain qualities that make them a rare breed of individuals.

According to the Philippine Army website, a Filipino soldier takes into consideration in his every action these traits: Valor, honor, loyalty, duty and solidarity.

Soldiers will endure in whatever situation. That is valor. They will stop at nothing to get the mission accomplished. Virtual assistants in the Philippines are exactly like that. They are not afraid of the demands that may be bestowed upon them. They will pull all the stops because they have what it takes to do it. Even when there seems to be a dead end, they will dig a way to get pass it.

Honor is all about giving due respect. For soldiers, it is observed in everything they do. For virtual assistants, it can be seen in the manner in which they prove true to their word. When they promise to do this task and give you a timetable, rest assured it will happen.

Loyalty is another thing. Just like soldiers who don’t think twice about their mission, virtual assistants will do anything for you, their boss. As a boss, you won’t need to worry or hesitate about asking your people to do something for you, because they are at a ready all the time.



Virtual assistants take their duties seriously. They won’t take on a job if they are not confident about doing a great job. As each task is part of their duty, they will make it a top priority.  


Solidarity or mutual support as some soldiers show in the way they act is also present in the attitude of virtual assistants. They will be with you into battle and will not leave you to do it all alone.


Here at The Perfect Army Virtual Assistants, we ensure you these values are given due consideration. We are guided by the phrase “No dramas, No excuses, we just hustle.”


no excuses


Just like how we popularly have known soldiers to be, they are brave, serious and fearless. That’s how The Perfect Army is. We won’t beat around the bush, we won’t dilly-dally, and we will make the opportunity you gave us a golden experience in return.

Soldiers are oftentimes sent to faraway place doing indescribable, at most, very daunting task but they still succeed. We here at The Perfect Army are just the same, we will emerge in anything that you ask us to do and make you proud.

You, the client, will be the very important person in our midst. You are going to be our top priority and you won’t need to worry because we have a great artillery of individuals for everything you need.




We are proud to say that we are experienced in our own particular areas or fields. We’ve filtered the Virtual Assistants who’ joined us to be cultured, professional and enthusiastic human beings so we can create great working relationships with our clients.

Just let us know what you need and how you need it – we’ll have it done in no time. That’s what we want to develop with our working relationship. For you to be able to have piece of mind, knowing that your Perfect Army is doing the job right, all the time.



What can I say about my team? When I started building this ‘army’, all I want is to provide the best service anyone can ever imagine. I want to provide different types of services together with a team of skilled individuals who can provide their dedication and knowledge in their own field. Ever since I started this business, I wanted to work with clients who value trust, loyalty, quality and leadership. From a client stand point, I wanted to have a team with no drama, no hassle and if the work can be done to perfection, then that would be such a great achievement for the team and also a great investment for the clients.

I was thinking, who could provide such dedication like this but an army of soldiers who are ready to serve the people? Hence, The Perfect Army is born.