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OUR virtual assistants

are ready to help you achieve your business goals.

· Services ·

Transcription & Proofreading

Our Trancriptionists and Proofreaders provide transcription and proofreading for General, Medical, Law, Dissertation, Finance and Business.

Work From Home
Virtual Assistance

Our WFH Experts specializes in Customer Service, Email Marketing, Chat Support, Data Entry, Project Management, WordPress and Shopify Management.

Social Media Management

Aside from creating and scheduling content for our clients, our SME’s are trained to provide the brand awareness that each company or clients need for their biz!

What Clients Are Saying

· Meet Our Elite Force ·

RJ Buarao

The General MasterMind 

RJ started as a VA way back 2013. She had nothing back then but big goals and dreams. Now, she’s working on achieving every single one of them and she ain’t stopping anytime soon!


Marie Frances

The Field Marshall

Marie has been a part of The Perfect Army for seven years now. She started as one of the part-time VAs and now handles the paperworks and legal side of our business.

Edison Iris

The Staff Sargeant

EI has been with the company for several years now, handling editorial tasks, and up until now he continues to support and give his all to the team and to the project he’s handling.


The Video Editing Major

Gen is just new to our team but she has a lot of potential and a lot to bring to the table. She has been creating amazing videos for TikTokers, YouTubers, business owners and advertisers.