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Apps You Need to Know Before You Start Your Online Business

The internet is a double-edged sword. Either it makes you unproductive by mindlessly using social media Apps or make your life easier by utilizing tools that will help grow your business.

Some business activities are time consuming especially if we are used to do the old way. But the world is fast changing and our ever-improving technology is giving us new options to make our work more efficient.

Here are just few of the many Apps and Tools that will help your life as an entrepreneur become easier. The use of each App will depend on your need and ease of use based on their features.

1. Facebook – Our business credibility is often judged nowadays based on our social media presence. Although there is a growing frustration of some users over Facebook, it is undeniable that it is still the largely used App in the world with more than 2 billion users making it a powerful and low-cost tool to promote and market your business. The likes and follow button allow your followers to see updates on your business that will build awareness and generate traffic to your website thereby increasing the size of your customer base.

2. Instagram – There are around 1 billion active users and 500 million regular daily users of Instagram generating higher engagement rate compared to Facebook and Twitter. With several IG features, you can connect and engage with your customers that will drive growth to your business. These include IG stories, IGTV and Shopping on Instagram. You can share timely content that are curated for your customers to build your brand.

3. Canva – Creating visually engaging social media content is one of the key elements in gaining recognition for your brand. With the use of Canva, anyone can create compelling Instagram or Facebook Ads having tons of templates you can choose from in just one click. All your designs are stored and organized for an easy access and editing anywhere. Canva has preset sizes and templates for social media posts, postcards, posters, cards, flyers which you can share to your team which then saves you much time.

4. Airtable – This is a user-friendly spreadsheet-database hybrid app that puts together the functions of both tools. This is a relational database that’s compatible with Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. It is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of tasks such as managing work, sorting and filtering customer feedback, managing video and photo production schedules, planning an event, storing and organizing employee directories, product inventories, and more.

5. Buffer – Some entrepreneurs are having difficulty managing their social media accounts, finding it hard to post similar content from one account to the other. Buffer can help you set up all your Facebook or IG posts for a certain time which could already save you lots of time! Through this App, social media content management is simplified and synergized. It also offers browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox so that you can share its content on different web pages. Buffer allows you to do market testing by scheduling similar posts on different days and time to check its performance. It automates posting content when users are best to receive it and allows you to analyze results based on interactions.

6. Payoneer – Making payments to your clients, customers or employees across the globe can be a costly process. One of the financial services companies that you can choose from is Payoneer which is a payment platform similar to Paypal. With a reach in 200 countries and 150 local currencies, you have the ability to send and receive funds both domestic and international. For businesses that don’t need to accept credit card payments, Payoneer is a great tool to go to. Its ability to withdraw money from any ATM around the world with a fixed withdrawal fee is an added benefit.

7. Trello – A great online project management and collaboration tool that is used to keep an individual or team’s project organized. Key uses of this App include file sharing, keeping track of activities, expenses and income as well as collaborating with team members making the work so much easier.

8. Mobile Monkey – This is an affiliate marketing tool for Facebook which allows you to send messages to your Business page’s followers through the power of chatbots. This app helps you provide 24/7 customer support to large number of audience without the need for your personal interaction. With mobile monkey’s chatbot builder, you can create as many bots whether from scratch or from a template.  

9. AAWP (Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin) – An affiliate marketing tool for Amazon that can help you boost your affiliate page performance which translates into sales. You can utilize its tools to create layouts of your Amazon products that will attract your customers and improve their web experience. There is an automatic update on all affiliate links on your blogs which gives you assurance of commission earnings.

10. Wave – This is an accounting and invoicing tool that is also suited for mobile viewing and is best for small business owners. You can easily create and send invoices, make accounting reports, scan receipts and manage your finances through this App.

11. LinkedIn – a great tool similar to your online business card which helps you make new connections and look for potential employees that can help your business. You can also network with other entrepreneurs to expand your business reach. It can be your platform to grow your customer base and generate products and service ideas from your potential customers.   

12. Google Drive – A great cloud-based storage tool that allows you to access and share any type of file anytime and anywhere. It allows you to view, edit and send any kind of document which comes with other office tools that are essential for your business such as Docs (comparable to MS Word), Sheets (a version of Excel) and Slides (similar to PowerPoint).

There are many other tools and Apps that you can search in the web depending on your need. All you have to do is to identify the necessities of your business and explore the vast option available in the internet that will solve your pain points.

Riza Jane Buarao

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