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RJ is an independent woman, team leader, bibliophile, frustrated writer, self proclaimed composer and devoted to everything she loves. She built this team to provide quality services for small business entrepreneurs.
Feeling Stuck in the Business

Feeling Stuck in the Business? Tips to Level Up Your Entrepreneurial Journey

There is a bleak statistics that might discourage wannabe entrepreneurs from pursuing their dreams. Take note however that these numbers will either challenge you to traverse the jungle of an unknown future with a resolve to arrive at your desired mountain peak or weaken your resolve to pursue and be among the majority of people whom Henry David Thoreau described as leading lives of quiet desperation. Brace yourself with these data: Around 20 percent of small businesses fail within the first year. By the end of the second year, it will go up to 30 percent. Half is expected to close by the end of five years and only 30 percent will remain by the end of a decade. If you’re on your 3rd year in business and is going strong, congratulations, you’ve survived mortality!  Get ready and be prepared then for the next two years for there is a grimy outlook for another 20 percent death of businesses. At […]


Apps You Need to Know Before You Start Your Online Business

The internet is a double-edged sword. Either it makes you unproductive by mindlessly using social media Apps or make your life easier by utilizing tools that will help grow your business. Some business activities are time consuming especially if we are used to do the old way. But the world is fast changing and our ever-improving technology is giving us new options to make our work more efficient. Here are just few of the many Apps and Tools that will help your life as an entrepreneur become easier. The use of each App will depend on your need and ease of use based on their features. 1. Facebook – Our business credibility is often judged nowadays based on our social media presence. Although there is a growing frustration of some users over Facebook, it is undeniable that it is still the largely used App in the world with more than 2 billion users making it a powerful and low-cost tool […]

top 10 reasons why you should hire a va

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant Today

“It requires people to make a dream a reality” – Walt Disney. As an ambitious entrepreneur, you dream to grow your business which not only give financial independence but also produce a sense of purpose of helping others. Accelerating your progress involves hiring competent people such as Virtual Assistants (VAs) who can add value to your goals. In our previous article, we already provided some of the reasons Why You Need to Hire a VA This Pandemic. Here are additional Top 10 Reasons why you should hire a Virtual Assistant today. 1. Cost efficient – Hiring VAs saves you time and money. There is no physical space to rent, and no need for a costly hiring process. Employee benefits are reduced or eliminated. VAs are more than willing to start the work right away once hired. 2. Increased work volume and productivity – VAs are aware of the expectations of their employers which is to provide value for every penny […]

pandemic va

Why Hiring a VA this Pandemic is the Best Choice

The major difference between a successful and struggling business is how the owners value their time. There is a new adage that says, “Time is the world’s highest value currency and it can’t be saved up.” We need to identify which tasks best utilize our time to achieve the results we want for our businesses. DId you know that hiring someone to help you in your business will help you focus more on your business? What’s going to happen is it will give you more time to start scaling your business. Around the globe, there is an army of skilled freelancers who are ready to take on the challenge and help you with your goals. Here are the top 4 reasons why you should consider hiring VAs: 1. Disaster-Proof Your Business – Nobody anticipated the global health crisis that brought service disruption and put many businesses to a halt. Having virtual employees even from the other side of the globe […]


What’s up guys? How’s community quarantine? Me? I just realized I’ve been living a quarantined life ever since 2013 (insert emo sound). Kidding aside, I’m just staying home, chilling, thinking of ways how to help others even in small ways without needing to go outside, because you know, we have to stay at home. We’re under total lockdown and we have to follow the rules in order for us to be safe and for others to be safe too. This is a worldwide pandemic as WHO stated back in March 2020 and I don’t even know when this will end because if you think about it, if we ain’t got no vaccine, we ain’t got no cure. It’s going to be months or even years before we even return to our normal lives, or we may never get back to it. I’m pretty sure we will have a ‘new normal’ where we have different sets of rules and different norms. So please, […]

online career

Why I Started My Online Career

First of all, I’m so sorry if it took awhile for me to write anything about my online career again here. My life has been a roller coaster these past few years. Again, I’m asking your forgiveness for not updating you at all. Anyways, back to regular programming. The question is why did I start my online career as a virtual assistant? The answer? I didn’t have a choice. I started my freelancing journey back in May 2013. I was working in a call center early that year. I will always get this headache and be hypertensive so I’ll be asked by my team manager to go to the clinic. When the doctor informed me that I was prediabetic and needs lifestyle modification, I filed for a month leave but my boss later informed me that the company won’t allow me to return back to work because if it’s going to be lifestyle modification, then I need to do an […]