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Why I Started My Online Career

First of all, I’m so sorry if it took awhile for me to write anything about my online career again here. My life has been a roller coaster these past few years. Again, I’m asking your forgiveness for not updating you at all.

Anyways, back to regular programming. The question is why did I start my online career as a virtual assistant? The answer? I didn’t have a choice.

I started my freelancing journey back in May 2013. I was working in a call center early that year. I will always get this headache and be hypertensive so I’ll be asked by my team manager to go to the clinic. When the doctor informed me that I was prediabetic and needs lifestyle modification, I filed for a month leave but my boss later informed me that the company won’t allow me to return back to work because if it’s going to be lifestyle modification, then I need to do an overhaul and returning would just be a setback for me since I’m working on my health and it will just make things worse.

I don’t know what to feel that time but I am a single mom and I have to do something fast. I was already asking about online freelancing during that time. I researched, studied, stayed up late, found an online job platform, bid on online jobs, stay up late, bid more, and then bam, I found my first online client. He was actually a Filipino and he helped me in so many ways. Shoutout to Rey L!

After working as a freelancer, I realized I can do more so I created an agency where I could hire manpower to do projects for different clients overseas, hence, The Perfect Army, is born. It was not an easy step. I didn’t know what to do first. It was the first time for me to handle a team, But eventually with the help of my clients, I learned a lot of ways in handling the team and how to scale.

I’m proud to say some of the clients I started with are still partners with us up to this day. Like what I always say to my team, we don’t do drama, we just hustle, because that’s what’s needed in work.

Well, that’s the short summary to my TPA journey. What about you? Did you have a hard time finding a job? Care to share? I know our subscribers would love to hear the struggles and how you overcome those in your freelancing career. You can comment down below. 🙂

So bye for now and hope you enjoyed reading how I started my online career, ’til my next blog. And I might vlog soon! Watch out for that!

Riza Jane Buarao

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