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What’s up guys? How’s community quarantine? Me? I just realized I’ve been living a quarantined life ever since 2013 (insert emo sound). Kidding aside, I’m just staying home, chilling, thinking of ways how to help others even in small ways without needing to go outside, because you know, we have to stay at home. We’re under total lockdown and we have to follow the rules in order for us to be safe and for others to be safe too.

This is a worldwide pandemic as WHO stated back in March 2020 and I don’t even know when this will end because if you think about it, if we ain’t got no vaccine, we ain’t got no cure. It’s going to be months or even years before we even return to our normal lives, or we may never get back to it. I’m pretty sure we will have a ‘new normal’ where we have different sets of rules and different norms. So please, before you go out and risk your life or risk someone else’s life, think again.

Last night, President Duterte informed the Philippines that the quarantine will not be lifted this April 14th, they will be inclined to extend it until April 30th. Well, we cannot do anything about it, we have to follow the law to be safe and to save lives, so we better do something productive with our time. You don’t want to waste your time doing stuff that will not benefit your future. You’ll realize a month or two passed by and it will hit you in the face that all you did was do Tiktok videos or watch Netflix series. I’m not talking about myself, promise. By the way you can follow me on Tiktok, my username is @theladymaster. LOL. Maybe you want to research about how to get work online? Why don’t you read my blogs and learn about online freelancing? That is, if you’re interested.

These past few days, I’ve been trying to limit the use of social media because whenever I see my news feed, it’s all full of crap and negativity. Some of my friends and colleagues are exchanging hurtful words because they have different political views and have a lot of comments about how things should be. Some even unfollowed or “unfriended” others. It breaks my heart to see them like this and also it annoys me!

Some of the people feel that our government ain’t ready for this pandemic… guys, who’s ready? Even the rich countries had a hard time and is still having a hard time fighting this virus. Everytime the president convey his message each night, there will be people bashing him, criticizing the way he talks and would even ask him to step down from his position. Instead of adding negativity to our nation, can you just relax first? Chill. The government is trying their best to contain this virus so that we can “flatten the curve” as they may say it and at the same time thinking of ways on how they can feed the people. We’re making it hard for them by criticizing their every move.

Let’s choose positivity and instead of finding fault in everything they do, let’s support them. Do not provoke and do not be provoked. Let’s support each other. Let’s help those who can’t help themselves especially in times like these. Because that’s what the nation needs right now. That’s what the world needs right now.

There’s been times when I would watch news or videos and I can’t just help but cry. Seeing all those people suffering from Covid 19 and seeing their family suffer as well, knowing that they can’t even see them in the hospital or kiss them goodbye when their loved ones could no longer keep fighting. But I know these emotions won’t do anything. Will it help the people if I cry? No. What’s needed is ACTION. Will you contribute to the society if you keep criticizing the president or the government’s every move? No. It will just create chaos, and chaos is not a thing we need right now. We need solidarity. We need to unite. We need to be at peace with one another.

So let’s help someone we know right now. They might not see you physically but let them feel your presence emotionally, spiritually and financially. Someone you know might be having a mental breakdown and your soothing words will just be the thing that would cheer them up. Check on someone close to you. They might not be asking for help but they just might. But most of all, spend time with your family. The situation we’re in right now is teaching us how to just stay home and have quality time with family. That’s the best thing to do right now. Stay home and pray. Pray that everything will be okay the soonest.

As always, practice social distancing but don’t distance your self from the people who might need you, okay? Do you get me? I hope you do.

So, what about you? Tell me your story. I’m here, and I’m ready to listen….

Riza Jane Buarao

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