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What’s up guys? How’s community quarantine? Me? I just realized I’ve been living a quarantined life ever since 2013 (insert emo sound). Kidding aside, I’m just staying home, chilling, thinking of ways how to help others even in small ways without needing to go outside, because you know, we have to stay at home. We’re under total lockdown and we have to follow the rules in order for us to be safe and for others to be safe too. This is a worldwide pandemic as WHO stated back in March 2020 and I don’t even know when this will end because if you think about it, if we ain’t got no vaccine, we ain’t got no cure. It’s going to be months or even years before we even return to our normal lives, or we may never get back to it. I’m pretty sure we will have a ‘new normal’ where we have different sets of rules and different norms. So please, […]