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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant Today

“It requires people to make a dream a reality” – Walt Disney.

As an ambitious entrepreneur, you dream to grow your business which not only give financial independence but also produce a sense of purpose of helping others. Accelerating your progress involves hiring competent people such as Virtual Assistants (VAs) who can add value to your goals. In our previous article, we already provided some of the reasons Why You Need to Hire a VA This Pandemic.

Here are additional Top 10 Reasons why you should hire a Virtual Assistant today.

1. Cost efficient – Hiring VAs saves you time and money. There is no physical space to rent, and no need for a costly hiring process. Employee benefits are reduced or eliminated. VAs are more than willing to start the work right away once hired.

2. Increased work volume and productivity – VAs are aware of the expectations of their employers which is to provide value for every penny paid. Depending on their skill set and your agreement, you can assign different tasks based on the need and demand of your business.

3. Flexibility in Manpower requirement – There may be seasons in your business when you won’t require much help. Based on your forecast, you can hire VAs on a project or per hour basis.

4. Vast choice of Pool of Experts – There is an enormous number of untapped talents around the globe. A lot of experienced VAs have different backgrounds and are well educated that can work for you.

5. 24/7, 365 days operation – At any time of the day, your operations is continuous because of ever dependable VAs. Your products and services will be sold unhampered even on holidays.

6. Work-life balance – In a usual office setting, burn out is always at bay because of gossips and politics. VAs however have the freedom to work on their own and report directly to you or to another delegated Supervisor who are miles away thus eliminating the tendency for social interaction issues.

7. Focus on business growth and profitability – Your VAs can do the mundane but essential day-to-day tasks of your business operations. You can then focus on building customer relations, product design and others for growth and expansion.

8. Fresh business ideas from diverse backgrounds – Your VAs have each own expertise and knowledge that will add insights to the business on a different perspective.

9. Good for your employees – Many employees prefer a flexible work arrangement outside of the usual office setting. Working from home saves travel time and expenses. For most, VA compensation gives better take home pay and excellent work schedule.

10. Good for your health and your business – Health in all aspects is the fundamental ingredient to one’s success. When you have dependable people that help run your business, you get to balance the many areas of your life translating into a life of abundance both in health and finances.

You create more time when you delegate tasks to your competent VAs. When productive output of the business increases, you are empowered to do new, different and more profitable tasks. Finding the right Virtual Assistant/s optimizes your operations that will drive your business growth.

Riza Jane Buarao

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