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Why Hiring a VA this Pandemic is the Best Choice

The major difference between a successful and struggling business is how the owners value their time. There is a new adage that says, “Time is the world’s highest value currency and it can’t be saved up.” We need to identify which tasks best utilize our time to achieve the results we want for our businesses.

DId you know that hiring someone to help you in your business will help you focus more on your business? What’s going to happen is it will give you more time to start scaling your business. Around the globe, there is an army of skilled freelancers who are ready to take on the challenge and help you with your goals.

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Here are the top 4 reasons why you should consider hiring VAs:

1. Disaster-Proof Your Business – Nobody anticipated the global health crisis that brought service disruption and put many businesses to a halt. Having virtual employees even from the other side of the globe gives you a huge advantage! It will help you continuously serve your customers despite lockdowns, catastrophes, and unforeseen events.

2. Better Customer Service Experience – You can operate the business 24-hours a day, seven days a week. That is, if you have virtual employees from different time-zones. Your VAs can take charge of taking care of your customers while you’re sleeping, on a vacation or doing more important matters at hand.

3. Productivity in Your Business – Startup owners can’t afford to lose time just for matters that don’t really add value to the business. Medium-scale businesses to large corporations can save costs on office space, training and mandated statutory payments. A variety of tasks can be delegated to VAs such as web development, graphic design, writing articles, and marketing among many others. A lot of talented and competent VAs across the globe can help start with business operations right away.

4. Long-Term Commitment – Having a good working relationship with your VAs can make them really happy. In addition, the benefits that VAs derive from working on a remote setting are convenience, avoidance of rush traffic hours, time flexibility and good pay. These means long-term commitment which benefits the business in many ways.

By outsourcing the tasks that don’t require your expertise, you’re able to free up your time. You can live your life meaningfully and you can turn your focus on what really matters for the business. And that is the money making side and how to provide more value. A remote team of virtual assistants that handle all aspects of operations will help build your business to a higher level.

Riza Jane Buarao

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