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Working Online? Better start reading this!

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People today have more flexibility when it comes to choosing their career. They can either work in an office, on the field or even in the comfort of their homes. It’s really up to you if you’ll be white, blue, yellow-collar worker, entrepreneur or just a couch potato.



If you’re an entrepreneur working online– virtual assistant, programmer, transcriber, web designer and the like, this article is going to be beneficial to you. Entrepreneurs working online should read this because the following tips you’ll be seeing are the key factors on what everyone working online should know. So make a cup of coffee or tea and you better grab a pen and paper so you can get some pointers.

Virtual Assistants, Telemarketers, Phone Support Specialists, Web Development Programmers, Transcriptionists, SEO Specialists, Social Media Manager, etc. These are just some of the work categories that you can find online. It’s not easy but it’s not impossible to learn. Far from it. All you need are some key pointers to start monetizing your online biz and turn it into an empire.


These are the main ingredients that you’ll need in order to start your business, projects or work online.





One of the important factors when working online is you must FOCUS. Focus in learning the things that you NEED to know, focus in understanding what your clients really want you to do, focus in staying motivated so you can reach your goals.

If you don’t even know how to pay attention to a small detail then you’re doomed! Haha! I’m just kidding. Well, my advice for that kind of problem is you better learn how to get rid of your distractions so you can focus on what’s really important.




social mediaWhen working online, there’s a whole lot of distractions! It’s either someone’s chatting with you on Skype, messaging you on your Facebook or even doing Hangouts with you on Google Plus. You have to come up with a plan or a structure in how you’re going to spend your time in a particular task you’re working on.

Believe me, I know some people who can’t stop visiting their social media sites while they do brainstorming on what they can do to work online or even while working for their clients, which is really unproductive, social media manager excluded of course.

So better create a structure not just for client but for yourself to be able to manage everything flawlessly.



These two coincide with each other.  When you want to work online, you have to be able to communicate well with your connections like clients, your own team or your networking groups.


For clients, know what makes them tick so you can learn from it, what makes them mad so you can avoid doing those and what makes them happy so you can continue doing those. You also have to be a team player, know your position and communicate with your team members and if you will have your own team, learn how to be a leader and a friend at the same time so you will gain their respect not by fear but.


You can’t play alone in this kind of work or business. You have to have CONNECTIONS like clients and support group. So where can you look for them?



There are a lot of platforms now that provide online jobs like oDesk, Elance, Fiverr, you can always get clients from these sites. But if you really want to get premium clients, try to go the extra mile, literally. Know your target market, search for them online, email them and tell them you want to work with them and W-A-I-T. That’s right, wait. You have to be patient but I assure you, once you find your premium client, it’s all worth it.


There are going to be people who won’t understand your line of work so you need to have a support group. This support group will be able to help you boost your confidence and eliminate your doubts about the fact that you want to be a part of the online career world.

So there you have it. These are the major ingredients of what everyone should know before working online, It’s really up to you if you’ll abide by these or not but I just want to say goodluck to you and hope your career will prosper! Happy working!

Riza Jane Buarao

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