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#30DaystoFreelance Challenge

Hi guys! Today we have a guest. Yes! We have an online guest here on TPA VAs and she will be subjecting herself to the #30DaystoFreelance Challenge! Mich is one of my VAs before but when her nanny left her and since her hands were full that time, she decided to leave. Now  yours truly will be helping her out and we’ll be following her throughout her journey to make sure she will be on the right track. Being a mother of a toddler and living with her grandma makes her prone to all the distractions in the world. So let’s help her do this! A message coming from Mich: Hello fellow freelancer newbies! Thank you for checking this out. I’ve been working in the BPO industry for quite some time. I’m a single mom to a 3-year old. Living a hand-to-mouth existence. Which was cool to be honest. I was content and enjoying the little things in my life. Until my son’s […]