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mich goes virtual

#30DaystoFreelance Challenge

Hi guys! Today we have a guest. Yes! We have an online guest here on TPA VAs and she will be subjecting herself to the #30DaystoFreelance Challenge! Mich is one of my VAs before but when her nanny left her and since her hands were full that time, she decided to leave. Now  yours truly will be helping her out and we’ll be following her throughout her journey to make sure she will be on the right track. Being a mother of a toddler and living with her grandma makes her prone to all the distractions in the world. So let’s help her do this! A message coming from Mich: Hello fellow freelancer newbies! Thank you for checking this out. I’ve been working in the BPO industry for quite some time. I’m a single mom to a 3-year old. Living a hand-to-mouth existence. Which was cool to be honest. I was content and enjoying the little things in my life. Until my son’s […]

Pinterest Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan for Pinterest

It’s been a while since I last wrote here. I have been really busy with online work and life. During those times, I was thinking of ways to help aspiring virtual freelancers so I put up different social media marketing plans. This article is a marketing plan for Pinterest for you to be able to generate more followers and in return get more clients for the services you offer. I’ve created a 1, 3 and 6 month plan for you to get an idea on how it differs. If you have any questions, you can email me at rjbuarao[at]   Marketing Plan for Pinterest Objective:  Generate more visits per month For 1 Month Plan: Create original content or recreate content with keywords e.g quotes Create images with the right size for more visibility. Create images with text and don’t forget to put a keyword-rich description. Create picture quotes, infographics, etc. Pin at least 5-10 times per day. Schedule pins throughout the […]

online business

Tips and Tricks on Making your Online Business a Success

With the vast and almost limitless potentials that you can find in the internet, you may probably say that everything is possible when you do it online. Nowadays, people can access the internet anytime and anywhere, making it a profitable business environment. Not only job opportunities are available, but also potential customers and the expanding growth of an online business or businesses. If you have a decent connection, a working laptop or desktop computer, or even at least a smartphone, you can pretty much run everything at the comfort of your own home. However, no matter how easy or simple that may sound, running an online business can get quite tricky and complicated still. If you do not have enough knowledge or even experience, you may find yourself struggling to succeed at some point. Just like all kinds of businesses, online or not, you need to come up with strategies and an effective approach to make sure that your online […]

Working Online? Better start reading this!

People today have more flexibility when it comes to choosing their career. They can either work in an office, on the field or even in the comfort of their homes. It’s really up to you if you’ll be white, blue, yellow-collar worker, entrepreneur or just a couch potato.     If you’re an entrepreneur working online– virtual assistant, programmer, transcriber, web designer and the like, this article is going to be beneficial to you. Entrepreneurs working online should read this because the following tips you’ll be seeing are the key factors on what everyone working online should know. So make a cup of coffee or tea and you better grab a pen and paper so you can get some pointers. Virtual Assistants, Telemarketers, Phone Support Specialists, Web Development Programmers, Transcriptionists, SEO Specialists, Social Media Manager, etc. These are just some of the work categories that you can find online. It’s not easy but it’s not impossible to learn. Far from […]

Your Invisible Office: The Wonders a Virtual Assistant Can Bring to Your Business

In this day and age of technological advancement, everything and anything is possible with just a touch of a button including having a team of individuals that can make your business mobile and global wherever you may be. Introducing: the virtual administrative assistant or the e-assistant – the perfect person for all your business needs.   Gone were the days when you need to physically have a space to get your business or company going. Nowadays, you can go online and hire a virtual assistant or VA for short to cater to pressing demands for your company. An e-assistant is an individual that works at a remote location for all your administrative needs like checking your e-mail, keeping calendar of all the things you need to do, researching and even planning your marketing campaigns.  It’s like having an invisible partner that takes away the hassle and painstaking side of moving up the ladder of success.   Having someone work remotely […]